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Study for the creative digital workshop LIMINALE

hoje, eu falei às paredes
today, I spoke to the walls



Project of and curated by Alice Gosti
Supported by Home Centro Coreografico, in Perugia (IT)
Grateful to the partner Zerogrammi, for giving me the opportunity of join this group of artists and researchers. And to all the other partners of the projects, Anghiari Dance Hub, KoresponDance Praga, Choreographic Series Sofia, ChoreoLab Manchester.
Video Location: Corner of an Italian house from the hills of La Morra (IT)



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Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 16.45.21

Deeply touched to win a choreographic co-working residency for the full season at Casa Luft | Zerogrammi in Turin with the project ” A tale for the rootless” 


First photo session with Stefano Mazzotta 

photo album


ocean waste

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ph. Alessandro Camoni


Ocean Waste

Where did we get stuck?


a tale for the rootless

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a tale for the rootless get’s started                     click on the link

#orientations #orients #rhizome

music for dance – ANDRA

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“Can you send me a short movie of your dance?”was the question I asked to my dancing friends from all around Europe. MusicForDance is a project by Andra accompanying music composed expressly for it.

MusicForDance is project by Andra alessandrabossa@gmail.com


#moversaroundtheworld #dancepractice #musicfordance


Boarding Pass Plus Dance

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screen shot 2019-01-26 at 19.05.45

very honoured to be invited by Piemonte dal Vivo to be part of Boarding Pass Plus as a dance artist. A year long program about mobility and internationalisation.

We’re forming a group and developing plans for a more sustainable way of making dance. more news coming soon…..






“Roots make the commonality of errantry and exile, for in both instances roots are lacking. We must begin with that. Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari criticised notions of the root and, even perhaps, notions of being rooted. The root is unique, a stock taking aIl upon itself and killing aIl around it. In opposition to this they propose the rhizome, an enmeshed root system, a network spreading either in the ground or in the air, with no predatory rootstock taking over permanently.

The notion of the rhizome maintains, therefore, the idea of rootedness but challenges that of a totalitarian root. Rhizomatic thought is the principle behind what I calI the Poetics of Relation, in which each and every identity is extended through a relationship with the Other.”

Édouard Glissant, Poetics of Relation

IMMA a Fondazione Feltrinelli

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Voices & Borders, un festival che sposta confini..

IMMA, di e con Gabriele Licchelli al video making e Teresa Noronha Feio al movimento. Inserzione di Saverio Bari come attore e aiuto alla drammaturgia.
una produzione Fondazione Nazionale della Danza



IMMA ايما

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IMMA  ايما            


ph. Gabriele Licchelli at Les Halles de Schaerbeek

The project has given rise to a series of residencies, exchanges and research activities linking the European capital, Brussels, which is home to a large community of Moroccan origin, with Marrakech, the capital of Morocco’s cultural identity, and Reggio Emilia, a city in the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy) with a substantial presence of Moroccan citizens, who make up its third largest foreign community. It is part of a wider exchange programme between young artists working in the field of visual, multimedia and performance arts, supported by three cultural institutions: Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, Fondazione Nazionale della Danza in Reggio Emilia and Maison de L’Elu in Marrakech.

Ten Belgian artists and two Italian artists, Gabriele Licchelli and Teresa Noronha Feio, have embarked on a creative residency and research project in Morocco and Belgium, during which they will organize creative meetings with young Moroccan artists and the local communities from Marrakech aimed at creating a moment of openness and sharing to present in the three cities involved in the project.


IMMA ايما

Mystical Images of Aisha’s Morocco
Invisible mother of death, Aisha
Immortal Aisha
In memory of Aisha

IMMA is the product of the partnership between two artists, a dancer and a film maker on the myth of Aisha Kandisha.
Teresa and Gabriele work on the concept of “collective imagination” and its oral transmission. Their collaboration began with a research project into the myth of Aisha, a Jinniyya from Moroccan mythology, whose uncertain origins lie somewhere between Portugal and Sudan. A woman of great beauty and a symbol of resistance to colonialism, a seductress and a demonic creature, she lives in the sea and appears at night in gloomy, isolated places.
Aisha belongs to the imaginary world and the oral tradition of the people from the Maghreb. She features in the stories from the Halka tradition, in Gnawa music and in folk superstitions.
IMMA is an attempt (not faithful) to capture her essence and translate it into a trans-disciplinary performance that employs choreography and cinema as languages of betrayal of the materials collected during the residency in Marrakech in March 2018. We search for her in the stolen glances captured by the tourist cameras, in the songs and stories collected in Morocco. Invisible but ever-present.

This is a compelling performance and all those taking part in it are actors. The authors of IMMA are not the creators; the materials are the product of the transmission and adaptation of original sources.


Next dates

Teresa Noronha Feio and Gabriele Licchelli

Video maker
Gabriele Licchelli

Teresa Noronha Feio, Gabriele Licchelli e saverio Bari

Graphic design
Mohamed Abitar

With the support of Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / Aterballetto, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels Ministry of Development, Eclat de Lune, Awaln’ Art, Movin’up – GAI

Our thanks for their generosity and collaboration go to:
Patrick Manac’h, La Maison de la Photographie de Marrakech, Awaln’Art, Brahim Koutari, Majid Karadi, Abdelfatah Elgnalf, Mohamed Rajan, Home Movies, Home Movies – Italian Amateur Film Archive, Istituto Luce

Duration 38 minutes


Story Collector

A two-day workshop on popular myths and the construction of collective imagery, which uses the language of dance to build a performative device to be returned to the public, inspired by the texts of Edouard Glissant (Poetics of Relation) and Gérard Bouchard (Social Myths and Collective Imaginaries).


practise # 3 – the space between us

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Lionel goes on exploring different mediums of communication


training december

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From the skin –> ogni gesto è in potenziale un movimento danzante.
In questo laboratorio vorrei sviluppare la percezione degli strati della pelle come primo organo di comunicazione fra il mondo esterno e quello interiore.
Cerco appoggio in esercizi di pratiche somatiche come strumento di risveglio corporeo. L’obiettivo è di arrivare alla danza con una grande consapevolezza del proprio corpo nel momento presente. La danza arriva finalmente non come una forma, ma come l’indagine di sensazioni interne del corpo in relazione con l’ambiente.
Il virtuosismo è benvenuto ma non obbligatorio. Viene assunto come un valore aggiunto alla ricerca personale di ogni partecipante.

La lezione è aperta a tutti quelli che hanno una pratica fisica e desiderano approfondire il proprio movimento.

Teresa Noronha Feio, 1988 (PT)
Laureata come performer di danza teatro presso Fontys dansacademie (NL). Prosegue autodidatticamente la sua formazione durante i seguenti tre anni a Bruxelles.
Come danzatrice ha collaborato con: Cie Dogwolf (BE); Einat Tuchman (BE); Loutop cie (Sw); Collettivo 320Chili (IT); Il Cantiere – Sara Marasso (It); Company DOT 504 (CZ), Vânia Gala (Pt, UK), Ornella D’Agostino (IT) e Ambra Pittoni (IT)
Come collaboratrice di Vânia Gala ha partecipato alle conferenze sulla danza a Artez Academie, Arhnem (NL); Cral- EHESS, Paris (FR) e Brighton University, Brighton (UK) e collabora come danzatrice per il suo dottorato in Kingston University ( UK).
Come freelance, Teresa inizia il suo percorso di indagine all’interno del progetto Workspace Ricerca X / research & dramaturgy presso la Lavanderia a Vapore di Collegno.
Teresa è cofondatrice di Fabbrica C. L’associazione ha come obiettivo lo sviluppo e sostegno del circo contemporaneo di ricerca. La prima creazione s’intitola Lionel, come un elefante in una cristalleria, debuttato a Novembre di 2017.

Teresa insegna regolarmente alla Flic scuola di Circo.
Inoltre ha fatto laboratori in giro per l’Europa come: BLEND3 ChoreoLab SAWMD Lier; STUK – Festival Togetherness (allievi di performance di Leuven University); Philipe Radici, Cecchi Point; Escola Dança Livre, Lisbona…

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